Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

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Ski Conditions: Quarry Hill / Essex Park / Chester Woods

January 14th 2018

Both Quarry Hill and Chester Woods trails have been groomed for skate skiing.  With the recent show, expect reasonable conditions throughout the trail system. The high winds will cause blowing and drifting, so any classic tracks that were set will likely be covered in. For the latest on tail conditions, as always, please check the RASC Facebook page at

For those of you hankering for some nice classic tracks, the RASC groomers brought their equipment out to Chester Woods park. The groomers packed a skate lane and set classic track on a 3 mile loop on the reservoir lake at Chester Woods park. Tracks there are in good shape and the best option in Rochester area for classic skiers at this time.  This is the first time we have groomed out there on the lake and a big thanks goes to the groomers (Dave Greymont and Mike Trantow) who went to the trouble of hauling all the equipment out there and grooming the lake.


Donations to RASC and RASC-related Projects (Ski Trails, RNST, RMBT)

A big THANK YOU to all who donation to RASC, RMBT and RNST in 2017. We ended up with over $2500 in donations. Most donations are for continued support of the ski trails in Quarry Hill and Essex Park that are essential for our Rochester Nordic ski team (our high school / middle school program).  



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)

$500 and Up (Jason Egginton)


$100 and Up

Lisa and Jerry O'Brien

Curt Shellum

Randy Shelerud

Sons of Norway

Paul and Maggie Scanlon

James Martenson

Michael Pascoe

Up to $100

William and Sarah Oyler (for Essex ski trail)

Gary and Kathie Kleist (for RASC ski trails)

Joel and Anita Cayou

Roger Grimm (Gamehaven winter park)

MTB Radio / Ben Welnak (Gamehaven trails)

Gamehaven Master Plan Approved!

The Gamehaven Master plan was approved by Rochester Park and Recreation Board on June 2nd, and was approved by the Rochester City Council at its meeting on June 15th. The current version of the Master plan is attached below. note that this is a living document and will be modified and updated based on input and recommendations from planners and park staff.

Total costs for this project are estimated at over $14M !   The next stage is funding and we will begin to apply for Legacy fund and seek benefactor donations to begin work on this project.

(Note: this is a large file ~ 8 Mb)

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