Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

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High School MTB Race 9/24 

Join us at Gamehaven (Boy Scout Lot) on Sunday 9/24 8:30-1:30 for the High School Mountain Bike race.  Public is welcome, its a great opportunity to spectate a race.  Stop by the Rochester tent and encourage our home team!

More info at:


Trail Work - September

The Park and Rec Dept has recently sprayed a hot tar emulsion on the trail surface recreational trails as part of the Annual Recreational Trail Maintenance Program. The following trails were recently sealed:

  • Valleyhigh Drive NW Trail: Starting at the Arianna Celeste Macnamara Memorial Bridge north of Cascade Lake heading north to West Circle Drive NW. 
  • Cascade Lake East Access Trail: Starting at 6 Street SW, extending north along Hwy 52 to the Cascade Lake Trail.

Be aware that in wet conditions, the new surface will be slippier than an unsealed surface. 



Douglas Trail - closed near Pine Island

The last section of the Douglas Trail (about 1 mile south of Pine Island, is currently closed due to new construction). You will either need to cross through the mud, or backtrack to the nearest gravel road to get around this construction.

We Bike Rochester has several family-friendly and community building events planned for this summer.  Come join us!  And keep in touch by Facebook or at or join our email list to get updates.

September 30 (Time TBD) 3rd Annual Tweed Ride

Dress up in tweed and get out that newfangled safety-bike or your old Penny-Farthing.  We are partnering with the Rochester Public Library on this event again.

Mayowood Trail Repair June 19th

The part of the Mayowood trail that was washed out in a flood last Fall  has now been repaired. Currently there is only a gravel surface on the repaired section, so be aware of the loose gravel if you are heading east under the bridge. Parts of the trail on the other side of the bridge are also partly damaged from the heavy equipment used to repair the embankment. 

Here is a note from RASC member Brett Ostby:

Hello fellow RASC members!

I'm on the board of We Bike Rochester. We Bike Rochester leadership is recruiting new board members who want to be active in community organizing.  We are working to build a biking culture in Rochester that is inclusive to all abilities, ages, creeds, etc.

More info about We Bike Rochester is at the  website:
There is also a Facebook Page

No application is needed, just a statement of interest.  The board has existed for several years.  We Bike Rochester is now a chapter of BikeMN (  We are in the process of replacing leaders that have had to step away due to family and work responsibilities.

All interested applicants can email me at

Thank You!

Brett Ostby

Donations to RASC and RASC-related Projects (Ski Trails, RNST, RMBT)

We are off to a strong start in 2017 with close to $2000 in donations. Most donations are for continued support of the ski trails in Quarry Hill and Essex Park that are essential for our Rochester Nordic ski team (our high school / middle school program).  



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)

$500 and Up (Jason Egginton)

$100 and Up

Lisa and Jerry O'Brien
Curt Shellum
Randy Shelerud

Up to $100

William and Sarah Oyler (for Essex ski trail)
Gary and Kathie Kleist (for RASC ski trails)
Joel and Anita Cayou
Roger Grimm (Gamehaven winter park)
MTB Radio / Ben Welnak (Gamehaven trails)

If you would like to donate please either complete the on-line donation form or send your donation to Michael O’Connor, 3128 Lake Vista Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901. 

Please indicate if your donation is for a specific project (i.e a specific trail project) or for general support of RASC, RNST, RMBT or trail development and upkeep. All donations are fully tax deductible and a donation receipt will be provided.

Gamehaven Mountain Bike Trail Update (Dec 2015)

With outstanding fall weather, our mountain bike trail crew has completed another challenging loop. Most recently we have added a connector section that will allow us to make a long loop with the new trail going around the “south” point. This is a scenic ride along the lake with a challenging climb at the end.

Temporarily, we will use the Scout road (in red) that will take the riders to the “Rolling Thunder” campsite. Proceed through the campsite to the trail connector and have a fast downhill ride to the trail below. Trail markers – black arrows on a yellow background have been placed to guide you. Please refer to the map below.

Many thanks to all who have worked hard on weekdays and Saturday mornings to make this happen. The temporary trail will be replaced with a trail that will run through the woods behind the scout camp sites. This section has been rough cleared and will be ready for grading in the spring.

Gamehaven now has close to 7 miles of trail.

Rochester Park & Recreation Master Plan (Oct 25th 2015)

The City of Rochester Parks and Recreation Department is in the beginning stages of creating a parks and recreation master plan to guide future improvements in parks and recreation programming for the next 20 years. Your input is needed to help develop recommendations and priorities. Please follow this link to an online questionnaire asking about issues, needs, and desires for parks and recreation in Rochester. This link will be active until November 6, 2015. 

Gamehaven Master Plan Approved!

The Gamehaven Master plan was approved by Rochester Park and Recreation Board on June 2nd, and was approved by the Rochester City Council at its meeting on June 15th. The current version of the Master plan is attached below. note that this is a living document and will be modified and updated based on input and recommendations from planners and park staff.

Total costs for this project are estimated at over $14M !   The next stage is funding and we will begin to apply for Legacy fund and seek benefactor donations to begin work on this project.

(Note: this is a large file ~ 8 Mb)

New Google Group for Road Biking

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