Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

RNST Selected Segments from the Zoom Practices

Note - for best access, please use either Safari (Mac/ipad) or Internet Explorer (PCs) to access the videos. 

Below are short recordings of key segments of the RNST Zoom Practices. If you wish to see the full recordings of the RNST practice zoom sessions, those can be found here

LD - Pushups

Sarah - Around the World Balance Drills

Katherine - Squat Drills

Joe Gyura - Planks

Joe Gyura - Leg Lifts

David Herbert - V2 Double Hop

David Herbert - Hop and Hold

AE - Stretch Demo

Andy Wood - Skate Crossovers

Catherine McBride - Yoga for Skiers

Jim Bennett - Fundamental Ski Movements

Joey Keillor- Lunges and Dips

Joey Keillor- Pole Walking & bounding

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