Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

Nordic Sking Trail Maps
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Quarry Hill Trail Map

Starting in 2006, Henry Walker led the work on the development of the ski trails at Quarry Hill. RASC signed an agreement with the City of Rochester to permit us to develop a ski trail in the park in July 2006. The main benefit to the club is the ability to groom and maintain the trail . Given the poor snow years of late, it is essential for the development of the sport of nordic skiing that we have reliable trail conditions.


Much of the work on the QH triail was funded by a grant from Rochester Area Foundation. The RAF awarded $10,350 to RASC to help with completion of phase II and III of the trail. Many thanks to Henry Walker for all his work on this grant application. The grant covered the costs of CAT work, clover /seed for the trail, a retaining wall for phase III, and replacement trees for the ones we whacked to build the trail. The Traverski Ski and Sport club have also donated significant funds toward the Quarry Hill Trail project.

In November 2013, Henry Walker, Chris Flood and Joey Keiller completed work on a new section of trail in Parkwood Hills park that connects onto the Quarry Hill trail. The new segment is ~2.5 km long and now includes some big climbs that will test your lungs and legs. The new segment is still rough and part of the climbs are off-camber, but this is a great section to challenge your fitness. 



Essex Park Trail System

Much of the summer's trail work at Essex Park was completed in 2010. Click above for a map of the new expaned trail system. Many thanks goes to Bruce Walk, Jeff Robertson, Greg Rowley and many other volunteers for all their work in completing the trail system for winter skiing.  If you'd like more information on this trail, please send a note to Bruce Walk at:

The original proposal for the development of the trail system can be viewed here:

Essex Park Trails:For Walking, Hiking, Running, Cross Country Skiing, and other
Outdoor Pursuits. Trail Development Proposal - 2008 - 2011

Andy Wood skiing the Essex Park trails in December 2011.

If you wish to donate to the maintenance of either the Quarry Hill or Essex Park Trail systems, please send contributions (payable to RASC) to Michael O'Connor at 3128 Lake Vista Drive NW, Rochester, MN, 55901. Please indicate that the donation is to fund maintenance of the trail system in Quarry Hill. Remember: ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE

Eastwood Golf Course

The golf course at Eastwood was one of the first parks routinely groomed for nordic skiing in the area. It is also the only part with a lighted ski trail section. Eastwood is a valuable resource in low snow years as the course can be groomed with as little as 2 inches of snow using our ATVs. Click the heading above for the trail map - note however that the groomers often alter this depending upon snow conditions, and over the last few years had improved the grooming . .

Chester Woods Trail System

Chester Woods park is located approximately 7 miles east of Rochester on US 14. The park is on the right about 1 mile past Chester. Admission to the park costs $5 / day or $20 / year and park tickets can be purchased at the information booth at the entry to the park. The start of the ski trail is located near the boat ramp and crosses over a small tressel bridge before heading south into the park. The trail at Chester Woods is groomed for both skating and classical. The trail has been widened over the last year and is usually groomed for both disciplines. The trail is mainly in the woods, making it an ideal place to ski on cold windy days. Most of the trail is relatively flat with only 2 small climbs on the trail. Total trail length is approximately 8 km. Click above for a copy of the park mapFor current ski conditions, the park has an answering machine that provides an update on trail conditions -507-287-2624. Here is a link to the Chester Woods ski page.

This is a more detailed version of the ski trail map which shows the elevation changes for the main 8.3 km loop. Chester Woods trail map with elevation

Note: in low snow years, RASC has groomed the Chester Woods lake to provide a nice 2.5 km loop around the main part of the lake. 

Soldier's Field Golf Course

Soldier's Field Golf course is located close to the center of Rochester, adjacent to south Broadway. For best access, go west on 6th Street S.W. and turn south on 2nd Avenue SW. Turn at the first left to get to parking close to the course (see below). Click on the title above for the trail map which shows the skating and classical trails. Map is orientated with top = north, left = west. Distances of various sections of the trail are marked on the map. The trail is groomed once or twice a week for both classical and skating. Note - Eastwood is the primary ski trail in Rochester and will be given priority by the city for grooming over Soldier's Field. Also, because Soldier's Field is located within the city, it tends to retain less snow than Eastwood, and hence is not usually groomed. 

Other Nordic Ski trails in SW Minnesota

St. Mary's University Ski Trails

St. Mary's University has some of the most sheltered and consistently well groomed trails in southeast Minnesota. They now have a 1 km loop of artificial snow, so skiing is possible even when most of the local trails are bare. Their grooming team lists trail conditions on the trail reports. Click here for the trail reports page and select 'S MN' as the region of interest.

Root River State Trail

The Root River State Trail has more than 25 miles of groomed trail departing from Lanesboro. Up-to-date trail reports are available for this and other State maintained trails on the MN DNR web site here. Note - A MN Ski Pass is required for anyone 16 and above to ski on the state trails. Click here for more information.

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