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Jenex Low-impact Rollerski Tips (Oct 26th 2014)

For those of you who roller-ski and suffer with sore shoulders and elbows from all the pounding of your ski poles on hard tarmac, Jenex have developed a new roller-ski tip to reduce the impact factor. The idea is that a spring-loaded bar impacts the ground first, reducing the stress on your joints.

Test report: Robb Welch at Tyrol has obtained a few of these and I got the opportunity to test a pair. After having tried these new rollerski tips for several hours, there are good and bad points about them. The good news - if you hammer down your skis poles, these will definitely help reduce the impact on your joints. If you tend to be a little easier on the pole placement, then the spring bar reduces the ability of the tip to make good contact with the ground and the pole can skip back (similar to having dull rollerski tips). Also on follow-through the bar tends to push the tip off the ground and the tip loses contact earlier than it would otherwise do so. These are not major limitations to the rollerski tips and these are definitely worth trying out if you suffer from shoulder or elbow problems when rollerskiing. Contact Robb at Tyrol if you’re interested in a pair. (Michael O'Connor)

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